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Meredith Bell

Owner/Head Stylist

My story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Image from magazine photoshoot

An idea is born


While studying and on my 2nd consecutive maternity leave, I needed an outlet for my creativity (and an excuse to get out of the house on weekends!)

It was in this time that I discovered the art and skills of balloon styling. 

I read and watched and watched and read, endless hours our training mainly from the discipline of Sandy Masouri. 

We are always looking for new ways to create impact for clients and ensure our balloon installations perfectly match the occasion or brand message.

The Environment- We care. A lot.....

Our balloons are made from the highest quality latex, a natural product drawn from rubber trees. The majority of balloons are biodegradable and do not have any cumulative effect on the environment. We dispose of balloons in a responsible way, never releasing them into the environment. For more information on balloons and the environment please visit PEBA

Image from magazine photo shoot 2

We’ve worked on a wide variety

of projects from small to large in

every manner of indoor and

outdoor space.

We are always excited to try new things and never shy away from a challange 

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